"West Bloomfield Woods is a subdivision consisting of 220 individual homes
North of 14 Mile Road and West of Drake Road,
in the Township of West Bloomfield, Michigan. 
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News and Issues

Annual WB Woods Homeowners Association Meeting

Our annual meeting will be held in the West  Bloomfield Library on Sunday November 18 at 2:00 PM.  For meeting info, voting proxy and director nomination forms click here

Need Someone to Plow your Driveway? 

Frank's Landscape & Lawn Care will be plowing the subdivision streets this winter.  They are offering individual driveway plowing and sidewalk shoveling.  For a copy of the invoice/contract contact Frank at Franks1landscaping@Yahoo.com or send a request to board@wbwoods.com.

Need an Association Dues Status Letter?      Click here

Contact Information Is Now Required !!

All members please note.

In the future we will distribute newsletters and urgent information only via email. This will save time and the expense of mailing to help keep the dues low.  Please send us your email addresses and phone numbers soonest.  Contact information will only be available to association management. 

Please provide us with your name(s), address, phone number(s) and email address(es) so that we can contact you when required and we can send you association related information:
      Click Here! 

If You Are Leasing/Renting Out Your House:

  • You are required to register with West Bloomfield Township.  See details here.  An outside inspection is required every three years and an inside inspection if circumstances warrant.

  • Please make sure your tenants maintain the house and the grounds.  We have a great subdivision.  Let's keep it that way !

  • Owners are required to furnish contact information to the subdivision board for themselves and their renter at www.WBWoods.com/ownerinfo

Please Report Subdivision Road Problems

If you notice potholes in the pavement within the sub, please let the board know and notify the Oakland Country Road Commission Click Here.

The Road Commission tends to give priority if multiple people complain !! 

Association Dues for 2018

There are just a few who for whatever reason haven't paid the $110 annual dues.  Unpaid houses will be liened in the next two weeks.


We would like you to remind you that:

  • No cars may be parked on the street during a snow storm.

  • The subdivision snow plower and the Oakland County Road Commission plows will throw snow against the curbs.  Please make sure you mailbox can withstand these forces.

  • If there is any problem with street plowing please notify the board at snow@WBWoods.com as soon as possible.

  • It is normal for the street plowers to leave snow along the curbs and driveways.  While the plowers will attempt to minimize the effect of this, removing the snow at the foot of the driveway is the responsibility of each homeowner or the company the homeowner hires to clean their driveway.

Association Board of Directors and Officers

Current officers are

  • Kevin Garrity President / Secretary,

  • Bill Nevers Vice President,

  • Li Zhao Treasurer. 

To contact the board see Management Team


Owner/Renter Contact Information Owners and Renters, please update your contact information: click here.  
Outdoor Burning All outdoor burning is prohibited by WB Ordinance.  Please report anyone burning outdoors to the police at (248)975-9200.  Click here to read the complete ordinance.
Crime Continue to be vigilant when you return home.  Keep the exterior of your home well lit.  Always lock your cars and do not leave valuables visible.  When on vacation, stop mail, have your lawn trimmed, let the neighbors know so they can watch your house.  Leave lights on during the night if possible.  Call 911 to report suspected problems.
Speeding This is still a very serious problem.  Get a license plate number and report to the police.  Please talk with your children and guests about this !!
Lawns Please pick up and bag leaves on your property. 
Woodlands Please keep this area neat.  Our woodland area is strictly protected by WB ordinances.  This is not a dumping ground for yard waste, old tires, bottles, ... 
Fowl Problems From our by-laws and WB ordinances:  No animals, livestock, birds or poultry of any kind shall be raised, bred, or kept on any lot, except that dogs, cats or other common household pets may be kept provided they are not kept, bred or maintained for any commercial purposes.
Landscaping If you have ideas for landscaping improvements or are able to help with maintenance please email Bill Nevers or Kevin Garrity at Billn@WBWoods.com or KevinG@WBWoods.com.  

The WB Woods Homeowners Association Board of Directors

email: Board@WBWoods.com    phone:  (248) 988-6844

Please send comments on this website to RayD@WBWoods.com